This luxurious and sustainable combination of recycled cashmere and Merino wool is certified by the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and has RWS certification. This guarantees that the wool comes from farms managed according to strict criteria oriented to the welfare of the animals and to the reduction of the environmental impact.

The Global Recycle Standard certifies products obtained from recycled materials and manufacturing activities. Promoted by Textile Exchange, one of the most important non-profit organizations that promote responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector at an international level, the GRS standard enhances products made with recycled materials, in compliance with environmental and social criteria extended to all stages of the production chain.

Why Cashmere & Merino Wool?

Recycled cashmere is made from a combination of industrial fabric waste, blended with virgin cashmere fibres. The ultimate in luxury yarns, cashmere is exquisitely soft and approximately three times warmer than sheep’s wool. When blended with fine, soft wool from the Merino sheep ‘Ecowinter’ offers warmth without overheating the wearer and a super-soft feel. This is heirloom level knitwear.

How to care for your Recycled Cashmere & Merino Wool Knitwear

Gentle hand washing with a specialist, natural detergent is the best method to keep your recycled cashmere and merino wool knitwear looking as good as new.

Using cool water, immerse your garment and gently swirl it around. If necessary, leave it to soak for ten minutes or so to ensure a deep clean.

Rinse with fresh, clean water and lightly squeeze your garment to remove moisture. Never wring Recycled Cashmere & Merino Wool garments as they will become stretched out of shape.

To remove excess water, lie your garment flat on a clean towel and carefully roll it up. If needed, gently pull your garment back into shape and lie it flat on a fresh, dry towel or drying rack to dry.

Once dry, fold your Recycled Cashmere & Merino Wool garments and store in a drawer or on a shelf. Never hang knitwear as it will stretch out of shape.

To prevent moth damage, store your knitwear in a breathable fabric bag, with a natural moth deterrent, such as a cedar block.

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