We want you and your knitwear to have a ‘Good Life’ together! So, from the careful selection of the highest quality yarns to our seasonless, durable seam-free designs: our knitwear is made to last.

As such, we offer our ‘Good Life Guarantee’. This means that if at any time you have an issue with your garment, we will do our very best to fix it, and if we can’t fix it then we will help you to replace it and make sure that your old knitwear is disposed of responsibly.

What does the Good Life Guarantee cover?

In one word: everything. Whether it is damage from normal wear and tear, faulty materials or otherwise. So should any issues occur with your knitwear our team will repair it to the best of our ability or find another solution.

  • For the first year of your garment’s life, all repairs are free of charge, and after this there will be a £10 charge
  • If the issue is found to be our fault, then we will cover the full costs of your return and repair
  • If we are unable to repair your garment, then we will give you 10% off your next purchase from the House of Sustainability website and with your permission, we will send your old jumper to our partners where it will be recycled and made into eco-friendly underlay!

How do I send in my sweater for maintenance?

Before sending your items, please email photos of the issue to care@houseofsustainability.com, or call us on 0116 464 5190 to discuss possible solutions.

Once we have agreed that your knitwear is suitable for a repair, please fill out our Good Life Repair Form. We will email you a copy which you should include with your knitwear. Please send these (via a courier of your choice) to our friendly team at House of Sustainability, Lifeguard Building, 129 Grace Road, Leicester, LE2 8AJ.

What happens next?

Our team of technical experts will assess your garment and decide on the best course of action. Once we have discussed this with you, and any related charges, we will carry out the repair as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that although your knitwear will be expertly repaired, we cannot guarantee invisible mending. 

When your repair has been completed, we will contact you to discuss delivery options.

Mending a jumper