At House of Sustainability, our aim is to create luxury knitwear, which is ethically produced, with a low-carbon footprint and at a fair price. Uniquely, we are able to design, manufacture and ship, all under one roof at our small, UK based, family-owned factory.

This means that we can be completely transparent in our all practices and have total control of our manufacturing process from start to finish.

We employee 35 people who, between them, have an in-depth understanding of knitwear manufacture. Our home city of Leicester has been the historic centre of the garment industry in the UK for almost 200 years, and the special skills required to produce our very high-quality knitwear have been handed down through the generations.

This is ethical, sustainable, home grown knitwear at its very finest.

Why we started this journey

Growing up surrounded by traditional factory practices, second generation luxury knitwear factory owner, Snahal, passionately understood the need to adopt better ways of working in order to contribute to lessening the fashion industry’s negative global and social impact.

Also, at a time where our home city of Leicester has had a lot of bad press surrounding some of its garment factories, House of Sustainability hopes to shift the focus to a majority of the wonderful factories in Leicester, like our own, where workers are highly valued, treated well and paid well.

Fewer and longer lasting products

House of Sustainability is born out of nearly 35 years’ experience of manufacturing the finest quality knitwear for luxury knitwear brands. We use superior quality materials and manufacturing techniques to create small, expertly managed runs of high quality, longer lasting garments.

Beautifully functional

House of Sustainability is a ‘slow fashion’ manufacturer offering carefully considered clothing for lovers of quality knitwear. Sustainability and years of expertise are at the core of everything we do, with a focus on artisanship and aesthetics.

Created in our family-owned factory, 35 years of knitwear design and manufacturing experience are woven into each of our garments resulting in clothing that is designed to last. We passionately believe in a ‘buy fewer, buy better’ approach to consumption.

Democratic luxury

House of Sustainability designs, manufactures and ships directly to you from our factory cutting out all retail mark-up costs and passing on the savings to you. In doing this, long-lasting, luxurious garments become more accessible than ever before.