We strive to provide full transparency to our customers – from yarn to shipping and everything in between.

We are extremely proud of our family-owned factory, the people that work in it and the beautiful garments that we produce - and we want to share the whole story with you.

We want to educate our customers about the history and impact of what we do, and we want to learn from you too. We want to constantly adapt and improve our company practices and products. Tell us how you think we can do this. We are on this journey together.

At a time where their hometown has had negative press surrounding some of its garment factories, House of Sustainability hope to shift the focus to a majority of factories in Leicester where workers are treated and paid well and take pride in the products they create.

Recently awarded SEDEX certification, House of Sustainability is proud of its status as a business that operates responsibly and sustainably, protects its workers and sources ethically.

Ethical Leicester Factory