STOP! Is your purchase really neccessary??!

Is your purchase really necessary??!

HOLD ON! Do you really need ANOTHER new jumper?! Yes, it's snowing outside and you're trying to work from home without switching the heating on but is your purchase really necessary?? 

With the world domination of fast-fashion, and emotional shopping becoming a 'go-to' activity for when we're stressed out, we, as a society, have created a landfill-sized monster.

At House of Sustainability, we want to challenge these modern-day norms and turn back the clock a few decades to when clothing was a considered purchase to be loved, treasured, and admired.

According to experts, the formula for the perfect capsule wardrobe totals 40 items of clothing, outerwear, and footwear.

5 x JUMPERS Including sweaters and cardigans

12 x TOPS Including vest tops, short sleeved tops and long sleeve tops

7 x BOTTOMS Including skirts, shorts, jeans, trousers, and overalls

3 x DRESSES Including mini, midi and maxi dresses

6 x JACKETS Including blazers, jackets, and coats

7 x SHOES Including trainers, boots, and sandals

Wait - you say - You're asking me NOT to buy another jumper? Well, no, not exactly. We're just asking you to use as much consideration when you buy any item of clothing as perhaps you have done when selecting one of our pieces. 

Having a capsule wardrobe not only saves time when selecting outfits, if your pieces are selected carefully and are of good quality, it will save the planet too!

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